Secure and user-friendly features for project collaboration at your disposal

Chat with your team, manage notifications, securely share and upload files, and manage
and track multiple projects asynchronously through InvoChat.

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Bring global teams together through an all-
in-one platform


Topic-specific chat rooms

Bring down email clutter and messy chats with dedicated chat rooms and threads around projects, topics, and teams. Public and private chat rooms bring teams together for a robust dialogue or just spitballing creative ideas.


Instant file-sharing

Easily upload files of any type into InvoChat — JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP3, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Make them instantly available to your team members, and drop the headache of tedious email attachments.


Personalized notifications

With InvoChat, you can apply custom notification preferences to every conversation so that you can stay focused and in the loop.


1:1 chat

Quicker and more efficient communication leads to higher productivity. Instant messaging allows you to better communicate with your entire team in real-time without any delays. No more texting, email, or phone calls.


Collaborative workspaces

InvoChat workspaces offer a single most centralized platform for companies and their employees who require constant collaboration and communication with clients and each other on projects and tasks.

Increase your team productivity by 70 % with
complete transparency and accountability.