How to choose an internal communication App for office use?


The tech world is rapidly changing and evolving, and employees are not sitting full-time in the office for work. During covid, remote work has become the norm, which escalated the internal communication challenges, say the traditional method of collaboration wasn’t working for the employees. The most preferable method in an organization was to send emails for the exchange of official information. The internal communication app came as a savior amidst the crisis. This is one of the best ways to ensure a streamlined workflow that can be operated both on the mobile app and the desktop app.  


How to choose an internal communication app for the team


A business app for internal communication is an efficient way to instantly connect with your employees, and receive important announcements from management, colleagues, different departments, and within organizations. 


It has been witnessed that employees were majorly using social media and networking apps to deliver work-related information. The drawbacks of using these mediums are A: it also has an essence of employees' personal life, B: Networking apps have different kinds of preferences. 


Moreover, the features of internal communication apps vary but commonly they build an instant bridge of communication between team leads, members, and project managers. In general, they can be installed on employees' smartphones and accessed from anywhere anytime. 


Some apps operate as broadcast messaging systems whereas others provide links to intranet articles or as a messenger system. Some workplace communication apps have the ability to conduct surveys and polls and can be used as a collaboration tool. It depends on your company's infrastructure which type suits you the best. 


Commonly, enterprises have a very certain and specific set of features that they look for while searching internal communication apps. These lists normally include hundreds of things to tick off before they go for acquisition. Integration with other apps is one of them, a worthy instant collaboration tool should have third-party integration support such as google meet, google calendar, drive, and much more. Eventually, company internal communication apps will replace other networking mediums that are less secure, unstable, and inefficient. 


Advantages of using apps for internal communication


It offers many benefits and conveniences often sought by corporations to improve internal/external collaboration. 


Increased productivity


For starters, it boosts productivity among employees which leads to retention and loyalty. Employees with easy access to information tend to make fewer mistakes and errors while working on a project. Look at the bigger picture, when employees are more engaged and connected work gets done faster and corporations gain more profit than before. 


Bringing together teams no matter the geographical location


Working from home or from another country, business apps for internal communication make sure to bridge the gap by providing instant chat, audio/video calls, instant file sharing, and absolute security in just a click. Even when you are traveling for business purposes, project-specific chat rooms unwind the communication fright that gets mixed up in between our personal space due to the same social networking apps. 


Instant communication anytime


If something comes on priority, you can let your team members know about it straight away. Due to the remote location, the concept of time becomes obsolete as the team leads need to synchronize the meeting on available time. Here comes the employee communication app, you can easily conduct group meetings in a snap because all the tools are inside. Say goodbye to every inconvenience you face prior. 


A consistent flow of communication 


It guarantees you that all the employees are receiving the same frequency of information that removes all the errors and mistake probabilities. It creates a unified vision that is a vital factor in developing products and services, additionally, it marks the success of the team. 


Making remote working more successful 


Due to the pandemic, most enterprises switched to work-from-home models. At that time internal communication was examined to eliminate all kinds of hindrances and delivered a coherent structure in the shape of internal communication mobile apps. 

Make more use of internet websites and external linking 


With an internal collaboration tool, you can attach and send website links to team members so that they won’t have to face the inconvenience of locating the files. 


The accelerated flow of communication 


An employee communication app is the fastest way to collaborate with teammates on important updates. This real-time exchange of information removes all the rumors and speculations that could have impacted the delivery of projects. 


How to pick the best internal business communication app 


Types of internal communication Apps 


Every organization has different needs and requirements when it comes to deploying a full-fledged communication tool. It’s important to understand one solution might not work for other corporations. When narrowing down a good collaboration software that should work best, you should consider the following factors: 


What type of information does your company need to share? 


You need to choose a fit-for-purpose action, check the company manifesto that you need to send the information in general or share certain information depending on the industry. For example, do you need to share new updates, products specific, or feature-specific information, make a list and then go for it. 


Do you need an instant messaging service?


A chat function or messaging function can be pretty useful when it comes to communicating in a workspace. A quick 1:1 sync is important as it can streamline all the pending tasks, with the help of it you can easily sort the tasks depending on the oldest to newest assigned date. 


Do you have high-priority tasks? 


High-priority tasks are very crucial to handle, one miscommunication, and here goes all the effort in vain. These situations need an effective communication system. Whether it’s minute to minute update, or providing guidance, an internal communication app should be at your disposal. 


 Do you have high priority tasks


Collaboration preferences of team members


In this digital era, people now prefer to have more mobile app conversations. Other than employees, your workplace demographics also play an essential role in determining the selection of internal communication mobile apps. You can conduct polls and surveys to know about your employee's preferences and what they are comfortable with. 


The subscription cost of the internal communication app


The entire app cost might look a bit, but there are tier packages of internal communication tools. You need to select the one suitable for your company's infrastructure and the number of employees. Additionally, you can customize the package i.e add or remove certain features so that it may best serve your company.


The subscription cost of internal communication app


You’ll also need to narrow down the app based on user experience. For instance, if the workplace communication app is too complicated to use, the majority of employees are going to need a huge amount of time to get the knack for it. 


Easy implementation for enterprises


When an app is too complex, it takes a lot of time to deploy on all levels of an organization. As a result, the staff loses interest and productivity. Look out for easy internal communication app options that are easy to use, configure and operate. The tool will certainly add value to your business, so you need something simple that can quickly grab their attention. 


Final words


As you have read, internal communication apps can serve different purposes, and each of them can be a good fit for your company depending on your framework and objectives. Business collaboration tools have become very successful in the market. By analyzing the sales ratio it is safe to say that it will elevate to new heights. The only complication is navigating the best internal communication technology landscape to understand how these instant messaging apps are different from one another. 


In the end, the one well-suited gets implemented and available for your employees and the type of resources you’re communicating with (frontline, corporate, external). If you want to know more about apps for internal communication you can check out our other informational pieces as well.