A secure and stable team chat application: Dynamics and Features


The recent major development in the traditional working environment is that many of us have gone from office work to work from home. It was mainly COVID that brought this transitioning period of a 50/50 hybrid routine. People have experienced recently that working from home contributes to a healthy work-life balance.


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But sometimes working from home doesn’t necessarily give you the ease to communicate with employees like in the office. That’s why organizations came up with the team chat tools for better collaboration and alliances. The purpose of these critical tools is to serve a proper instant messaging pathway. If deployed and implemented correctly, it can take down the biggest potential communication barrier and can serve as a vital piece to staying connected with employees, and colleagues while propagating productivity. 


Basic features of team chat apps


Basic features of team chat apps


Here we’re going to break down some of the most frequently used features of instant messaging apps, commonly offered by the majority of teach giants: 


Integration with other apps


To score a home run, team chat app software provides integration with other apps. Without getting into all the mess and switching from one tab to another, integration makes sure you get everything you need on a single platform. It guarantees a smooth execution of all the tasks. However, the number of integrated apps varies depending on the package you acquire. 


Data storage 


The team chat tools come with storage. For instance, it could be helpful when there is a tremendous amount of data exchange and file sharing between cooperation. 


Voice and video calls


1:1 sync or team group calls help to convey the direction to many people at a time. While working on a project brainstorming is very important, it provides a clear vision about who is doing what. When the major responsibilities and tasks are squared away you would be able to conduct a session for updates. That’s how a team chat app works, to use it at its maximum potential. 


Data encryption and Two-factor authentication


An organization's data is very sensitive, therefore, the tools are built around the idea of providing maximum data security and encryption. It flings aside all the concerns about data breaching or leaking so that you can conduct operations in a protected environment.


Data encryption and Two-factor authentication




Even in the workplace - the design of software matters the most. The interface of workplace chat apps should be user-friendly and smart. As a matter of fact, people are used to well-designed tools in everyday life so they expect the same amount of proficiency in professional life as well. 


Communication & collaboration 


It’s not an old tale, but you do remember how traditional chat tools weren’t proven efficient to handle professional conversations, nor does it allow external communication. But the instant message app covers all your inter-organizational communication as well as external source conversation. 


Ease of use


While opting for a team chat app make sure it is not complex and difficult to use. As it slows down the employee's competency and productivity. The aim is to extract 100% of employee potential. When software is complex a user needs time and practice to get used to it, the same in the case of internal collaboration software. 


A difficult tool will become a hindrance in your organization as most of the employees spend their time more on learning instead of using it to get the job done. Thus, an easy-to-use tool will be best suited to perform duties on time. 


Pricing structure 


Most business efficient solutions cost a fortune plus they come with renewing license offers after a certain period of time. But the majority of team messaging apps are present at a budget-friendly price in the market, their subscription plan starting at a low cost and offering customized pricing for business packages. 


Now is the time to pick a chat tool for your business as it will become difficult to maintain a satisfied employee policy in the future. 




Technology is modernizing at a rapid pace, and today’s innovation may change tomorrow. Business chat apps are the beacon of stability in an uncertain environment. Collaboration software looks after the habitual tasks on a daily basis, even after some changes or upgrades are introduced the main functionality of it remains the same. 


The courtesy of collaboration software is that it connects employees to the organization and with other professionals. Regardless of what the landscape of their work looks like. Everyone can enjoy freedom whether they are sitting in a cubicle, working from a cafe, or even from another country. 


That’s the advantage of a team messaging app, as it gives you a flux of how, when, and what. 


Simplicity and power of business chat apps


The collaboration tool has the power to turn an average inbox into a supercharged instant messaging platform. It’s super easy to use just like the regular messages app but with advanced features. It has the power to cultivate work both internally and externally with all stakeholders and business managers - it doesn't promote silos communication. 


Simplicity and power of business chat apps


InvoChat will provide not only these commendable features but the icing on the cake is its read receipts and pin code features. 


Read receipts


The word is pretty self-explanatory, whenever you send a message there isn't a check whether the person has seen the message or not. Having read receipts in invochat will make hindrance go away as you know when the employee reads the message. Fast delivery and scrutinization will ensure time management, task management, quality check, and streamlined engagement. 


Pin code when away from the screen 


It often happens when you have to get away from the computer leaving it open to anyone. Invochat understands the confidentiality and privacy of employees, therefore, we have incorporated an improved way of locking your screen while you are away. The software comes with a built-in feature of Pin code which allows you to secure the screen by setting a PIN. In this way, the files remain secure, intact, and untouched. 


Effective communication that goes beyond 


Instant message apps come with online notes along with synchronized real-time editing. It is essential because when you’re in a meeting and want to jot down important points on the go. 



Effective communication that goes beyond


It has an effective collaboration that allows businesses to divide contacts by team, project, and anything else. These groups can assemble the work via files, picture sharing, Gifs, and more. You will also get an option to send the message through a voice note or audio/video call just by tapping a button. 


It also accommodates flexible working schedules. For instance, if you’re away let others know by updating the status from time to time. 


It is hard to ignore but collaborative tools have become quite a norm in the industry. It has added value and increased employee productivity by many folds. To ensure effectiveness, we encourage such a framework in which employees can communicate up and down the organization so that their morale, productivity, and competency can be increased. 


Having the right instant messaging app at your disposal can bring the right balance to your team - by differentiating between productive remote work and non-productive one. You can readily connect with your team members, and guest members and conduct multi conversations with guests. 


Align team members for more effective communication 


In the era of the modern workplace, some things are pulling us from different areas resulting in divided attention. Business collaboration tools have provided calendar integration features that will align all the important meetings and deadlines in a single place. All the teammates can change and align the calendars from their inboxes. 


An interconnected system, Part of the whole ecosystem!


The right team chat application for your business can distinguish between a productive workplace and a non-productive one. It is very important to find the right balance for seamless communication and collaboration facilitating employees on every level. A tiny yet essential tip for all businesses should treat instant messages in team chat applications as asynchronous. Because if a team is engaged on a project you can't expect to get a response on every sent message.